Howard Phillips Lovecraft Themes

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft is responsible for the themes in almost all modern science fiction and horror today. He is most notably known as the writer of “Call of Cthulhu” and other related tales. These tales are what make up the Mythos of Cthulhu. Lovecraft created a new type of horror that focuses on the fear of the unknown universe. The stories and themes are widely known, but lesser known is his actual life story. Ironically Lovecraft’s life was humble and without fame, but after his death, the work created in that life, would inspire much more in the science fiction and pop culture of today. Before he became a writer as an adult, Lovecraft hailed from a surprisingly regressive background. He grew up as part of a conservative aristocracy. Born in a time of massive political change and new sciences he had to adapt. Despite the era his family was still old fashioned. Consequently he has some “outdated views”. Impressively, his whole life he had to change with new ways of…show more content…
He came to life in 1890, on Providence, Rhode Island. The owner of the home was of his grandfather, Whipple Phillips.(Authors for Artists and Young Adults). Accordingly, today the town today has many shops and arcades dedicated to Lovecraft. Obviously, this place is a haven for “Lovecraftian” fans all over the place.(Rubinton). Lovecraft was a sickly child. He had nerve issues. Consequently he had a very protective mom as a result.(Authors and Artists for Young Adults). Lovecraft did not finish high school because of a nervous breakdown in 1918. Consequently, Lovecraft was self educated. As i recently stated, he lived in his Grandfather’s home. Whipple Phillips, his grandfather influenced lovecraft's education with his personal library of gothic stories and horror.(Encyclopedia of World Biography). Accordingly he read tales by Edgar Allan Poe cementing his path to horror.(Encyclopedia of World
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