Howard Roark Realistic Analysis

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The depiction of what is realistic or not is honestly the expression of a personal perception of reality. Therefore, those who regard Howard Roark as “unrealistic” are those who do not see the world as one in which Howard Roark could exist, but that does not define him as “unrealistic.” It is not difficult to see why some would depict Roark as unrealistic. His more realistic qualities are not difficult to overlook, simply because of the way other characters perceive him, and his own mannerisms and idea. This in turn makes it more difficult for one to relate to him, and makes it less difficult for one to describe Roark as unrealistic. However, it is important for those looking into Roark’s character to be aware of the fact that Roark is a dynamic character, just as most people are in life. Therefore, a reader should be more inclined to evaluate Roark closely and then determine whether or not Roark is realistic. Roark is one of those men who is described by the those around him in a way that makes him appear strange and unrelatable, especially because he is so different from those with whom he associates. These descriptions add to the way those who read his story perceive him, and therefore, add…show more content…
Ayn’s claims that the purpose of her writing is to create “the ideal man.” Ayn does not wish to enlighten her readers, but instead create a character that she herself wants to meet. Therefore, she creates a man in an environment where it would be possible for her to meet such a character. Ayn creates the scenario in order to create the character. This means that Ayn is creating a realistic man, based on his circumstances. So, while Roark may not seem apparently realistic to the reader, in his world, his character is one that has been created for the environment in which he exists. Therefore, Ayn has made Roark as real as he can be based on the situations in which he is

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