Howard Schultz The Liberal Donald Trump Summary

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In the article “Is Starbucks’s Howard Schultz the Liberal Donald Trump” the author does a remarkable job of using rhetorical tools and skills in order to help convince the audience. Many different techniques are used in the article in order to get the audience to believe that Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, is in fact a great fit for presidential candidate. The author, David Graham, makes it seem as if he himself studied under both Aristotle and Cicero by using many examples of their methods very effectively. He uses inductive and deductive logic, along with code words such as “venti” that only avid coffee drinkers and Starbucks enthusiasts will know. All three arguments, ethos pathos, and logos are used in order to make Graham’s essay optimal and very persuasive, along with skills that make this article a prodigious example of clever rhetoric executed by the author. In the article, Graham starts out by trying to set the mood for the audience. Because Schultz is the CEO of Starbucks, the author makes a pun about “brewing” up a presidential run, hoping to add humor to the piece along with soothing the audience to be more easily persuaded. David Graham also insults the current Democratic runner, Hilary Clinton,…show more content…
Pathos is implemented in the essay when the author talks about gay marriage, tapping into the audience’s values and beliefs along with emotions. He also plays with emotions talking about the injustices in society and fighting corporate America, giving readers a sense of patriotism. Graham redefines terms in the text that make his bias seem more reliable, along with using loaded language to give additional sentiment. Ethos is not established until the end of the article, where there is a box showing the author’s long list of experience, making him seem more
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