Howard Tannenbaum Case Summary

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Summary Howard Tannenbaum is a long time CEO of a major toy company. His company had a new product that was being worked on in private, however rumors were spreading about the companies high anticipated product. Highly upset about the product being reveled, Howard Tannenbaum sent out an email to his friend Barry Paine, venting his frustrations When the private e-mail of an industry CEO was discovered and began making the rounds in the office, it unleashed a firestorm and brought disastrous results on company morale. In an attempt to patch up his image, Tannenbaum sent out an apologetic email. However, his image was already damaged amongst his peers. Missing information I would like to know if there is for certain a real breach in the system or if it is rumored to happen. Also, I would like to know the end result of what happen, if Howard was able to save his image and…show more content…
I think the time after the incident and addressing the situation is a critical time because emotions are high and his image is negative, the time of not speaking will allow everyone to gather their thoughts and get their emotions under control. Once the time pass I will notify everyone of a meeting, address the situation, why I sent the email, and apologize. Then I would express my frustrations of the breach so everyone would understand the circumstances. Following I will allow who ever wants to speak to have an open floor. Once all is said, I will close the meeting with remarks and remind everyone that mistakes happen and that it is a learning experience and send everyone out so that business can go back to how it was before the
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