Howard Thurman Understanding Ministry Summary

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(Pp. 165-211) Understanding ministry, I can relate to how Howard Thurman thought he had found his permanent church-home at the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples in the position as full-time minister. However, with his qualifications also his experience many universities and other churches were requesting his expertise. As co-founder to see his dream of segregated Christians in America accomplished, ideas for his church were plentiful. Furthermore, dreams of building and expanding were already on the table. The idea of leaving was the furthest from his heart or mind (Thurman 165). As I was reading about Thurman, his excitement also his plans for the church, remembrance of a related personal experience came to mind. I was sure…show more content…
Boston, on the other hand was his tested area. Under these circumstances, Thurman had the chance “to develop in the chapel at Boston University the kind of inclusive religious experience that he have developed in the Church for the Fellowship of All people in San Francisco (Thurman 167).” In fact, church was different from the university; Thurman co-founder of the church with a white pastor from the ground up. At Boston University already well established, he was the only African American totally in control (dean) in a white major league university. Thinking back to high school years in North Carolina, segregation began 1968. During this challenging time our schools were not equipped with the same books as the white schools. Therefore, grades went down, struggle is what we had to do. Image the struggle of Thurman’s life, hats off to Howard also Sue Thurman and others that came along with them for paving the way for us. And still, Boston gave Howard Thurman a chance to make more impact in positive social change in the history of the world racially also religiously. Ultimately, his rewards were many; his wife played a major role in the ministry, Pastor, author, Television, monetary gifts, and chairman of the Howard Thurman Educational Trust (Thurman 168-192). After reading about the life of
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