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While I was searching for the college I wanted to begin the next part of my life in, I decided I wanted to attend an HBCU that was in a large city. Not only does Howard University fulfill both of these, but Howard also has all of my passions and interests in and outside of the classroom.
I am interested in pursuing a Sociology degree within The College of Arts and Sciences. I want to organize my studies with a focus around the black community and urban development. The required and elective courses such as Problems in the Black Community within Howard’s Sociology curriculum will allow me to shape my classes to do this. While working on a previous project having to do with urban life, I found a critique by Professor Gomes of Howard 's Department of Sociology, titled, A Critique of The Truly Disadvantaged: A Historical Materialist (Marxist) Perspective. I enjoyed reading the critique and agreed with the analysis from Professor Gomes’s prospective. Reading the critique was one of the things that attracted me to Howard’s sociology department and being a student of Professor Gomes would be exciting because he would be a great mentor going into my future career.
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I want to help the black community excel and the study of sociology encompases the study of race and ethnic relations and the patterns within different ethnic communities to give me the skills to do so. Having this knowledge will help me be a successful and articulate in my profession. Not only would my work inside Howard’s classrooms help me to achieve my goal of becoming an activist, but Howard’s student life and the surrounding D.C. area would offer me a community of support and unity. An HBCU environment is ideal for my education and personal growth because of the professional career I plan to have and because of the the like-minded individuals that strive for and support social justice for the black
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