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Quote 1: Quote: According to Zinn, “I made clear my abhorrence of any kind of bullying, whether by powerful nations over weaker ones, governments over their citizens, employers over employees, or by anyone on the Right or Left, who thinks they have a monopoly on the truth" (7). Paraphrase: Zinn emphasizes that he doesn’t support the acts of the majority believing they have more power over the minority, politically. Partial Paraphrase: Zinn openly shares his contentious political views by declaring his “anger at racial inequality, my belief in a democratic socialism, in a rational and just distribution of the world 's wealth” (7). Quote 2: Quote: King points out that, “"The eye-for-an-eye philosophy, the impulse to defend oneself when attacked, has always been held as the highest measure of American manhood. We are a nation that worships the frontier tradition, and our heroes are those who…show more content…
Explanation: This quote to me seems like Villasenor is trying to imply that getting into the U.S.A is as easy as breaking through a wall of electric fences. He also shows how he views Americans as rich and wasteful since he believes that the amount of food thrown away in one day can feed a whole town. Method #3: In The Color of Crime, Katheryn K. Russell illustrates, "Racial targeting and abuse by police is costly. U.S. taxpayers have paid tens of millions of dollars in police brutality lawsuits. Between 1992 and 1993, Los Angeles county alone paid more than $30 million to citizens victimized by police brutality” (45). Explanation: This quote is important because it shows the devastating aftereffects of racial targeting and abuse by police officers. The money being spent isn 't really the problem here, but what is, is that African-Americans are usually the ones that the police never give the benefit of the doubt. If the police don 't spend more time investigating before quickly convicting an innocent person just based on their skin color nothing will
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