Howard Zinn: Source Analysis Assignment

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Source Analysis Assignment In source one, Howard Zinn discusses how there is no necessity for incentives in order for individuals to work collectively to contribute to society. Zinn suggests that generally, since, everyone has similar basic needs, it is unnecessary to have wide income gaps. His beliefs are from a collectivist standpoint because he proposes that there should be a more balanced distribution of wealth for everyone. He would oppose the belief of elitism and would support ideas such as a Universal Basic Income which ensures that every individual in a country receives a sum of money from the government which allows them to have basic necessities met. A Universal Basic Income would also result in an increase of welfare for the whole country. Besides suggesting to base income to meet just the basic needs of people he also criticizes the “traditional objection” that reward is needed to incentive the people to keep society from falling apart. Zinn believes the collective efforts of individuals alone, without a huge income motivating them would be efficient enough and would work well. He argues that there is no real proof that incentives are even necessary, therefore not needed. Zinn would agree with the philosopher and socialist St.Thomas Aquinas in the sense that Aquinas believes man can unselfishly work towards a goal together because everyone is willing to fulfill their own specific duties. This parallels with Zinn’s belief that people do not need huge incomes to
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