Howler Monkey Research Paper

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On page 26 of The Lost City Of Z: A Tale Of Deadly Obsession In The Amazon, David Grann Presents information on how the “Roar” of the engine sent animals “Scattering” into the Treetops. The animals that David Grann is referring too are known as “Howler Monkeys”. Howler Monkeys are native to the South and Central American Forest. I’m going to explain to You more about what a Howler Monkey is, like how big the Howler Monkey can get, how they Got their name, and just how lazy these monkeys can really be. Howler Monkeys are native to the South and Central American Forest, these monkeys are Among the largest of the New World Monkeys. The Howler Monkey is a mammal that can…show more content…
The Howler Monkey is Said to have a life span in the wild of between (15-20 years) according to (National The Howler Monkey lives in groups of between (6-15) animals that are known As “Troops”. In each of these “Troops”, there are at least three Dominate males who do all The Breeding for the Troop.( Hopkins,John. University Press P.148). The Howler Monkey is said to have gotten their name from their “Cacophonous Cries”. These Cries can be heard from up to three miles away.( The Howler Monkey Uses these loud Cries for other monkeys to hear during mating season. Not only do the Howler Monkeys have Cries that can be heard from three miles away, they also have a Dynamic nose that can smell their food from as far as (2km) away. A Howler Monkey is
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