Symbols In Howl's Castle

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Opening scene. Girl making hats isn't as interested in Howl's Castle in comparison to the other girls
Play seems to have a medieval type setting with futuristic thoughts combination of these areas, medieval early, 1900s late 1800s and Future.
Howl saves her from soldiers and is chased by monster, he flies
Sophie's is there very beautiful and gets a lot of guys. She feels that how is a wizard and she has to be careful.
Sophie sister seems to know everyone.
Mysterious woman walks into shop disrespecting the girl and her shop (witch of the waist)
Sophie leaves the house and is on a mission to find yourself, not her younger sister.
Scared of course that's a follower and give Sophie a cane.
Sophie realizes that she receives more attention and help
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She freeze both calcifer and howl at the same time.
She frees turnip head by giving him a kiss.
Symbolism of crow for how is very important. It's believed that the crows animal spirit is associated with Mysteries and Magic. Also it supports you in developing the power of sight and transformation. Ironically that's something that Sophie needs, after her spell is casted on her. Howl is essentially her Outlet when she seeks to identify herself. Towards the end, both her and howell back to normal.
Howl no longer appears as a crow, a state that would viciously affect his well-being.
Theme: Sophie undergoes a transition from a introverted and reserved individual to someone who essentially saves the world with a compassionate and empathetic ways. Withstanding that the theme of life is a journey or anxiety is vividly portrayed. Where both mental and physical changes results and Sophie's benefits to Wars internally appreciating yourself. Initially Sophie was consumed by self standards that prohibited her from making any advancements in life. For example in the opening scene Sophie isn't as interested in Howl's Castle but more determined to make Pat. The determination towards her ambition are harmful when looking at her happiness, which later on Effexor mental stability. However the spell that is casted on her serve the purpose of removing the stigma of the supposedly eldest daughter. It's her a great person. Virtually removing the negative connotation that the spell was perceived to
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