Howl's Moving Castle Analysis

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The findings section shows that there are six magical events that mainly influence the development of the main character in the novel Howl’s Moving Castle. These magical events influence the development of the main character by applying the laws of magic which portray certain functions of fantasy. The magic laws that ultimately influence the development of the main character are limitation and consistency. In terms of functions of fantasy, the findings show that there is a function that dominates the main character’s development, which is recovery.
The existence of consistency and limitation indicate that the world presented in the novel has its own laws. Consistency works as the regulator of the fantasy world. It is made in order to maintain the element of reality in the secondary world (Nikolajeva, 1988; Wills, 2006). Through this sense of reality, the readers can actually relate themselves to the life of characters in the presented world. It is supported by the presence of limitation. The presence of limitation implies there will always be some weak points of the characters’ or magical elements’ power (Nikolajeva, 1988)
Nikolajeva (1988) says that consistency is one of two main laws that build up an imaginary world. Its presence is important in order to maintain the physical nature of the secondary world so that it is comprehensible and logical (Nikolajeva, 1998; Wills, 2006). The consistency of the novel Howl’s Moving Castle is illustrated by the existence of rules that
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