Howl's Moving Castle Persuasive Speech

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[C]Hello ladies and gents of AA, today I will present you with two things. A profoundly heartfelt question and a recommendation for a brilliant film. Before we begin, I ask you this. How do you define something which is both indescribable and inexpressible? To answer my question in your stead, it's impossible.
[C]An irrepressible feeling which resonates within our hearts and something that cannot be described in words alone. A feeling that I felt for the first time shortly after finishing the sensational film known as Howl's Moving Castle many years ago.

[BC] [S y n o p s i s|]

That jumbled piece of architecture, that cacophony of hissing steam and creaking joints,
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[C]Something Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki has learned and made known through his years as a legend amongst animators, is that if one wishes to write about anything pertaining to life, they must first go out into the world and experience it for themselves.
[C]In my opinion, this is something many people in the industry should take to heart and is one of the foremost reasons behind Studio Ghibli's awesome success. Their films are known to evoke people's most imperceptibly deepened emotions and give them a sense of wanting to do something more with their lives. Often touching the hearts of those who had once denounced all things foreign to them; this is where the true beauty of Howl's Moving Castle resides.
[C]Only a few minutes into film you the viewer are soon immersed in a historically charming world of great kings, grisly wars between peerless kingdoms, and fearsome witches and
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Given the pragmatic aspects, most can familiarize themselves with such while watching the film. This leading to a seemingly unreal, spine-tingling experience. Covering themes like freedom, confinement, family, morality, ethics, compassion,'and the importance of inner beauty; this film hardly falls short in relation to previous Studio Ghibli works and the symbolic meaning behind them.
[C]Alongside the fantastical storyline, I would like to discuss two important factors: sound and animation. Before anything else, let me take a moment to praise my favorite composer and conductor Joe Hisaishi. Spoiling us with a surrealistic, eargasmic soundtrack I was more than content with it. To get my point across, let's look at and listen to one of the most well-known songs in the soundtrack, 'Merry Go Round of Life'.
[C]A breathtakingly beautiful orchestral score, with a repeating theme that gives you chills. The piece initiating with long-winded adagio, it soon masterfully transitions to swift allegro. Overall, the entire soundtrack is a beautiful work of art and regardless of the scene in which a piece plays, it always correlates.
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