Hoyte Michael Jackson's Black History Month Project

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Black History Month Project By : Shanese ( B ) Hoyte Michael Jackson Was born August , 29 , 1958 his birthplace was Gary , Indiana , USA michael jackson has 9 siblings and he is the 8th child out of the 10 children and he has 3 sisters , and 6 brothers and he lived in a 3 bedroom house in gary indaina and his dad name is Joseph Walter Jackson and he was born July , 26 , 1928 and he is from Fountain Hill , Arkansas , USA and he is 83 years old and his the father of michael jackson and his other brothers and sisters Michael Jacksons mom name was Katherine Esther Jackson she was born May , 4 , 1930 and she is from Barbour County , Alabama , USA and she is 81 Years Old and she is the mother of michael jackson and his other brothers and
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