Hpv Vaccine Pros And Cons Essay

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The Vaccine Controversy Vaccines have been around for years and still there is much controversy over the safety of them and if parents should have the right to choose if they have their child vaccinated. Parents and even some professionals say that the vaccines are not worth the risk. On the other hand, there is plenty of doctors and other professionals who say vaccines are very necessary and safe. Still with all the controversy over the safety of vaccines, the number of children protected from diseases and death outweigh the risk of the vaccine. Professionals, as parents of children, against the HPV vaccine believe that the vaccine is more risky and dangerous for children than the actual disease. In an article written by Dr. Kurt Perkins, DC, CCWP, he argues that the HPV vaccine given to girls 12 years of age to prevent cervical cancer is junk. He states that the average age of women getting cervical cancer is 50 and the vaccine is only good for 5 years in the body. Along with Dr. Perkins, Dr. Karen Smith-McCune, a gynecologist in San Francisco, CA, is very skeptical of the HPV vaccine. She knows that regular pap smears will be enough to find precancerous areas early and they can be treated. Her feeling is that this vaccine is being…show more content…
It was during the late 1990’s and there was new research that linked the vaccine MMR to Autism. Many parents became afraid to have their children vaccinated with the MMR. Dr. Andrew Wakefield claimed at a press conference that he found the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. His research was not backed by his colleagues and was found to be incomplete. Later, he was found to have been paid a large sum of money to help an attorney who was representing a family who was suing the government because they felt the vaccine caused autism in their child. After further research from numerous scientists, Dr. Wakefield’s license was revoked.
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