Hr Issues In Banking Sector

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Abstract Banking sector is one of the key driver for the economic growth and development of the sub-continent ,as it generates opportunities for employments and directly or indirectly supports the various causes and drivers of economic upgradations of the region and as a whole the whole of the sub-continent too. It is one of the major service catering sector in India. There are various types of banks in the sub-cotinent ,broadly can be classified as the central bank,the public sector banks,the private banks,the rural regional banks and the foreign banks. Large gamut of human assets are employed in this arena of the economy. The human assets are one of the most valuable assets for any organisation and so for the banking sector too. In this…show more content…
The study is actually a descriptive case pattern of study. The facts and findings related to the HR issues and challenges related to the Indian banking sector have been studied analysed and data collected from some of the banks in and around satna related to the same. To say mostly it have been formulated based on account of the secondary/published data in various RBI websites ,official bank sites ,magazines ,journals, white papers & books. The primary data and information related to the same been collected by means of questionnaire and face to face interviews with various executives and employees of some private and public sector banks .The questionnaire developed by means of brain storming in a group of ten faculty members and few very good management students. Various key issues of HR and challenges were the core target of study. Thus instead of going into the mathematical analytics the focus was on explanatory parts of the study.
NUCLEUS OF THE STUDY The module of HR in the banking sector that we will look into are as follows :-
We will basically focus on the below mentioned HR challenges in the banking sector:-
1. The manpower
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The HR challenges has to looked into from four different angles. The first angle is that is the HR practices up to the international standards or not, the second are the customers are satisfied with the HR services and HR branding of the banks or not, third how the core HR processes are working and finally what relation financial affairs of the organisation has got with HR practices.
Competency mapping has to be done to detect out the actual sets of skills needed in the workforce :-
The basic competencies required by the bank employees and executives must be clear and must be known , so that during the time of job design all such core and allied competencies can be mentioned in the job description part. Proper competency mapping are challenges but are must to prepare and recruit a competitive HR pool. The set of competencies required in the HR capitals of the banking sector is very important so that to prepare employees and executives development plans. The training and the management development can be conducted by analysing the gaps so detected

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