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A goal without a plan is just a wish, planning is considered a very important daily activity, it helps in organizing, arranging, and managing our lives. likewise, planning is an integral part of an organization, whether it’s large or small. planning is one of the most critical techniques for success which helps organizations to save money, time and effort. Success doesn’t just happen, it’s planned for.

Human resource is the most important asset of an organization. An organization’s success depends on its employees’ skills, creativity, and their dedication toward the organization itself. This why Human Resource Planning is essential element, it leads to organization’s success and primarily it preserves the organization’s well-being.
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The human resource planning is a vital process aims to fulfill the overall objectives by linking the business strategy and its operation. The importance of human resource planning are as follows:
 Human Resource Development :
Human resource planning goes beyond recruiting employees. Moreover, it helps to identify the skills required for each task and job level, in addition it conducts training courses and development campaigns to communicate efficiently and effectively the necessitated employees’ abilities to the task.
 Future personnel Needs:
Human resource planning is a tool that assures the future availability of employees, which guarantees the smoothness of the business operations, by ensuring the availability of labour with the expertise needed to perform and carry on the activities.
 Recruitment Of Talented Personnel HR planning recruits and wisely selects the most capable employee to fill a job position. furthermore, It assesses the available HR inventory level and recruit the needed skilled employee to perform the job.
 Coping With the external
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Psychological characteristics: it specifies the needed aptitudes for a job, some tasks require employee to be in such an excellent psychological condition. such as the judgmental ability, alertness, analytical ability, and mental concentration. Personal characteristics or traits: it’s about exceptional traits , for instance; the employees’ appearance, emotional stability, the employee’s self-aware, shyness, and so on.
3-determine performance standard:
Job analysis identifies the accepted standardized job standards. Job standard is the minimum acceptable performance of a job regarding quality and quantity in which helps the management to apprise the employees’ performance .
4- job evaluation: is the process of comparing between the value of each job relation with another job. is a job ranking method which is used to determine and design the systematic pay structure, and also It provides the sufficient information for preparing both job description and job specification.

 Objectives of job analysis:
1- increasing employees’ job satisfaction, which
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