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First: Planning: Planning is one of the important functions in the administration and it is often used to distinguish and choose the appropriate goals, as well as identify ways of working in organisations. It is also one of the main functions in administration. The importance of human resource management is in the planning process, As a result of the many functions of human resources management, there are no activities that can be defined (selection, training, performance evaluation, stimulus) if the quality of jobs and the number of workers are not stated at the outset. In addition, this process helps to plan the careers of workers (Al- Sahryra, Al-Graeb, 2010). HR planning was identified as the process which determine the needs of the organisation’s…show more content…
Many of these provide a basis for pay, promotion, and disciplinary action. The performance appraisal information is essential for employee development, since knowledge of results (feedback) is necessary to motivate and guide performance improvements (El-Ghalayini, 2013). The aim of managing organisational performance is to increase organisational effectiveness by obtaining better performance from people by getting them to work well together. Organisational effectiveness can also be helped by improving organisational processes (such as the formulation and implementation of strategy and the achievement of high quality customer service), and facilitating the management of change (Armstrong 2010). In performance appraisals, competencies are used to ensure that performance reviews do not simply focus on outcomes, but also consider the behavioural aspects of how the work is carried out (which determines those outcomes). Performance reviews are used to inform personal improvement, development plans, and other learning and development initiatives (Armstrong…show more content…
For example, Obeidat (2012) and others in the theoretical literature found that the functions re-design is estimated to provide HRM with a better opportunity to impact on strategic decisions in order to eventually improve organisational performance. These functions are: human resource planning, staff development and regulatory compliance, benefits administration, performance appraisal, and recruitment and selection. HRM practices affect the employees’ skills by focusing on development capital in the company, and through recruitment procedures which can secure a large group of qualified applicants for a job. When able to provide employees of the highest calibre, HRM will have an influence on the quality of work and the skills of the employees in action. The provision of formal training and informal employees will improve the quality of the work submitted and will increase the employees’ work experience, and therefore increase capital and further influence employees and development (Huselid, 1995). Summary of the literature

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