Hr Practices In Human Resource Management

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Adoption of proper HR practice in Bangladeshi corporate firms: A tool for retaining best employees and increasing firm growth & performance Md. Sajjad Hosain
Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration,
Uttara University, Dhaka

This elaborated study empirically developed the relationship between seven Human Resource Practices (job analysis, recruitment & selection, adequate job training facilities, opportunities for career development, compensation & benefit, managerial relationship with employees and degree of employee participation in decision making) and their tentative impact on employee retention and firms’ performance. The research was carried
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The practices can influence the performance either independently or collectively, results are difficult to interpret (Vlachos, 2009).

Job design & analysis: Studies (Champion, 1988; Morgeson & Humphrey, 2006) showed that job design and analysis have a positive association with firm performance. Furthermore, these studies also provide an insight to the management and HR practitioner to exercise the practice as strategic tool for superior firm performance (Khan, 2010). However, the study conducted by Beh & Loo (2013) indicated that performance had negative correlation with job design
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