Hr Sergeant Role

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Human Resources Sergeants’ roles are important because they are the backbone of the Soldier’s care, the unit, and organization as a whole. Soldiers join the Army for different reasons, whether it is for student loan repayment, bonuses, or just to serve their country. Soldiers defend our nation and put their lives on the line to serve this country. We, as Human Resources Sergeants, ensure Soldiers are cared for on the back end before we send them out the door for war. We are the subject matter experts (SMEs) on preparing DD 93 Emergency Data Notification; SGLV Service Members’ Group Life Insurance, Family Care Plans, Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) entry and pay records reviews. The entire organization greatly relies on Human Resources Sergeants to provide care for our Soldiers.
Being a profession of arms means to bear allegiance to God and the country and duty to your Soldiers. We take an oath to serve the
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As professional leader in the Human Resources Sergeant’s role, we have a responsibility to maintain our expertise so that we can continue to develop our junior enlisted Soldiers. We do this by continuing to train and develop our skills by learning the new systems and new processes so we can train Soldiers, new and old, to continue to be effective in their role as Human Resources Specialists and Sergeants. We have to influence our senior leadership to improve processes that are not working for the organization. In my experience, Soldiers feel a sense of purpose when they are contributing to the organization by doing their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and not just coming to drill one weekend a month. If we as Human Resources Sergeants do not understand our jobs, how can we teach or instill a sense of purpose to the junior enlisted
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