Hrm 300 Week 1 Business Education Paper

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Education and application of that knowledge is crucial to building a successful business. To achieve the goals or dreams one must weigh the benefits of studying and preparing to become an entrepreneur. The objective at hand is to educate, observe, and analyze all aspects of business. One must become informed to improve the chances of having wealth and happiness in the pursuit of owning or managing a business or corporation. Studying a business’s many types and functions offer career goals and typically provide professional development and skills to succeed in any profession (Bethel University, 2011). An entrepreneurship or working for a business involves organization and being familiar with the functions, types and levels of management (Bethel University, 2011). Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are relevant to the business of any organization or company. The roles performed by each leader and employee determine the success the organization may have. When a company is providing a product or service to the public, how it handles challenges day to day either drives the company to success or causes a business to fail. How do these factors affect establishments today? What about in a school system? What roles of management are involved in the system and what challenges do they face? In the school…show more content…
The classrooms and management are under strict pressure from the government. They are mandating testing and basing teacher performance on student scores. With the focus on numbers, we are not able to meet the children where they are in their educational needs and are unable to provide them with thriving environments for educational growth. This pressure results in failure of leadership, micromanaging classrooms, and constant change in employees. Another issue that challenges school systems is the threat of violence. This causes stress and fear for
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