Hrm 531 Performance Improvement Plan

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Performance Improvement Plan is used to improve employee performance, modify behavior and correct discrepancies.Employees put under the PIP have their work closely monitored. However to employees the PIP is not really a positive thing. It should be considered as a final warning or the last step to being fired. Frequently, PIP is used by most managers especially in cop-orates and private industries to sabotage their employees future in the work places. Employees perceive it as the company 's way of gathering additional evidence to get them fired Risk involved: Protesting the PIP Employees should avoid over reaction and use the proper ways to protest. You should seek to set the record straight on issues such as; the set PIP goals cannot be achieved,…show more content…
You should seek an employment lawyer so as to act accordingly and prevent your actions from being interpreted as insubordination or a voluntary quit. As an employee you could also consider the following: Getting serious As your performance is already below expectations, you should get working and put extra effort. You have to help yourself out of this situation even if it means requesting the manager for additional training. This may boost your efficiency and effectiveness in doing the work. Start a job search As the outcome of the PIP is uncertain you can begin a job search. You should update your resume and build your networking skills, should things turn out negatively, you will be prepared. Move forward When it becomes evident that the job is clearly not your right fit it is wise to discuss an exit strategy with your manager. Creating an open dialogue will help you earn a little more leeway and help you move on in your own terms. You can negotiate the time of your departure from the company and the type of future reference that you
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