Hrm/531 Strategic Leadership Program

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Strategic Leadership Program Upon completing the leadership training course provided, active listeners gain vital leadership skills and capabilities, necessary for enabling the organization, self, and others to advance into higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Ultimately, our leadership program seeks to positively enhance pertinent performance and sustainability related variables present at the individual, group, and organizational level. The following leadership program paints a picture of what the idealistic company specialized in offering sound financial and insurance related solutions looks like from an outsider’s perspective. There are key areas and strategic initiatives the agency will relentlessly pursue, as followers of…show more content…
The importance of our agency to acquire mastery level skills regarding the ability to act, think, and react both quickly and accurately cannot be understated. Oftentimes, highly effective individuals utilize concepts associated with authenticity in order to positively influence the organizational culture. Instantaneously creating a highly productive and cohesive organization is difficult to accomplish overnight, without enabling a team of dedicated, determined, and hard working individuals, the task becomes nearly impossible. Our agency will truly embrace authentic concepts by placing an emphasis on highly ethical standards, transparency, and self-awareness (Wong & Laschinger, 2013). To become more agile, our organization will uncover adaptively systematic approaches towards accomplishing our organizational goals and objectives. Each aspect of the agency should work seamlessly together to exploit the entire value chain, encompassing open communication, acquiring mastery level skills applicable to key competencies, basing our governance on adaptation and long-term value will all help ascertain the agency’s vision Arell,…show more content…
Data, information, and knowledge is collectively owned and by placing an emphasis on social resources and social relationships will enhance knowledge sharing, affective commitment, and help mitigate organizational barriers (Casimir, Lee, & Loon, 2012). In order to promote trust internally and externally, within and throughout the organization, encouraging open communication, transparency, honesty, integrity, and ethical considerations are imperative. Identifying answers to the most pressing and prevalent problems facing the organization are how the organization will surpass our competition. Many organizations will face difficulty while contending with complex organizational issues, as the result of continuously developed trusting relationships, in the face of adversity, our agency will demonstrate resiliency. Group cohesion and team effectiveness will fully develop by instilling and cascading trust as an essential performance variable throughout the agency. Lack of trust will seriously influence motivational and commitment related variables, emphasizing the importance of trust comes with an open door policy, if ever there are any concerns related to trust based upon facts, feelings, beliefs, or principles, our team of professionals will contend with the issues immediately and without hesitation. Swiftly contending with any
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