Hrm 531 Week 1 Assignment

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If I could change the assignment I would make the requirements clearer in the assignment document in the checklist. Additionally, standardized scaling needs to be used, as some TA’s grade differently than other TA’s. The assignments have many unwritten expectations and requirements not only for content but also in formatting. These issues need to be addressed to not only minimize confusion amongst the students, but also to decrease the amount of time TA’s repeat themselves about these unwritten requirements. My level of interest in the experiments that were conducted in the lab did not change over the semester. I find my current undergraduate research to be more interesting and at times has more straight forward calculations. Although, I did find that my interest in process safety has increased since the beginning of the semester. My Dad is very knowledgeable in process safety, and it is fun to discuss how people messed up and caused industrial disasters, and what can be done in the future to prevent similar incidents from happening. Over the semester both my technical and non-technical writing skills have vastly improved. I can now compose technical documents faster than I could at the beginning of the semester, while also improving the content. The technical writing skills were a big help when…show more content…
Technical writing skills will be a great advantage for my summer REU at the University of Connecticut and when writing my honors thesis. The technical writing skills will also be used in industry, or in graduate school if I choose to pursue a Ph.D. A twenty-page lab report no longer looks so daunting after Burrows and Wen’s class. I feel that my honors thesis can be more easily and professionally composed with the knowledge I gained from this course. Therefore this assignment has achieved the course goals of releasing better engineers into the real world after
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