Hrm/531 Week 1 Team Reflection

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I believe my group worked well together as a team by incorporating Team STEPPS and ensuring that each member of the team was contributed equally. Reflective practice has allowed for issues to be identified, this has allowed for improvements in future practice. This is because this assignment has allowed for me to incorporate Team STEPPS and will assist in the future whilst working with other health care professionals as a team. When reflecting on group work, it was difficult to find a time for each member of the group to meet up for a meeting prior to filming the video and to film the video. This was because each member has their own schedule, and it was difficult to line our schedules up. It was important to ensure that all members of the team could attend the meeting and filming day. This is because as Team STEPPS outlines that is important that members of the team understand other roles and collaborate to allow for improvements (Manion & Huber 2014, p.143). It was important that all members of the team were collaborating equally and evenly to ensure that each member was sharing their ideas. To allow for this issue to be addressed it was important to use a Team STEPPS approach this was by ensuring that the team was working together to ensure that everyone contributing and each team member’s strengths and weakness were highlighted (Foley & Murray 2017, p.130). Prior to starting filming…show more content…
This was by having an online group chat, this method of communication had limitations as this allowed for a distraction to occur easily. Team STEPPS allowed for this limitation to be resolved by the team participating in a huddle prior to filming the video (Boynton 2016, p.138). This allowed for the team to be more prepared about filming the video, and allowed the video to be filmed without

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