Hrm 531 Week 2 Personal Reflection

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I have a great deal of experience with consumer economics. While at Ball State as an Instructor I taught a required general education Personal Finance course to over 1,000 students a year. We competed nationally in the America Saves Challenge and Ball State students, under my direction, were “Best in the Nation” 4 years in a row. We started a Debt Free student organization that connected students to alumni, scholarships, and resources on campus to minimize student debt. In fact, while I was at Ball State the average student debt at the University went down over 4 years. The Debt Free club won “Organization of the Year” and I won “Advisor of the Year.” Additionally, I have been published in many newspapers for my role in consumer economics. These included the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Money Smart, and over 200 other outlets I bring a wealth of professional and teaching experience in economics. Professionally, I have worked for several years in various leadership positions. I also have served on numerous not-for-profit boards on personal finance including: Money Management International, the Consumer Federation of America and various military organizations. I have experience in the creation of innovative cases and exercises to help students understand course content.…show more content…
In fact, I am the product of diversity. I was raised in a multi-racial home with four adopted siblings, attended one of the most diverse high schools (Fort Wayne South Side) in the nation and embrace all that is good in individuals. I believe providing diverse standpoints in the classroom enhances education. In fact, I am finishing up research on the ability to remove gender bias in the consumer economics classroom and have data to further research on syllabus organization to enhance student athlete’s academic
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