Hrm 531 Week 3 Careers Essay

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In future years the work we know and do will be changed. With current emerging technologies, such as the 3D printer, Wi-Fi, or mobile devices, jobs have already been impacted from what was done in the ‘olden days’ or before the introduction of these advancements. Three careers have been chosen to display how this information technology (IT) impacts on work, these careers being medicine, education, and journalism. They have been chosen based on how their careers have largely been positively impacted and changed because of these advancements. The examples below will demonstrate how IT has shown to be an overall positive addition to the work industry. Another form used to further persuade about the positiveness of IT, is how, despite its few disadvantages, mobile devices have improved and become of the most useful devices available. Over the years information technology has improved to their point where people can no longer live their life without it, relying on their phones for the time, reminders, to do lists, and to contact people. In the workforce, technology has improved and negatively affected how we live. A negative…show more content…
doctors, nurses), education (teachers, professors, officials), and journalism. As a result of the growing technology, these careers have been improved significantly compared to what we once knew. In medicine technology is seen as a helpful tool, reviving hope for patients and doctors alike. A new emerging technology is the Brain-Computer Interface, which was designed out of the desire to help paralysed individuals to use a computer through their brain; further advancements could help them to move their paralysed limbs. Another emerging technology is the 3D printer. The 3D printer allows people to print hearing aids, functioning prosthetic limbs, prosthetics that let people feel everything they touch with it, and replica skulls being created from patients CT
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