Hrm 531 Week 3 Incident Command System

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Incident command system refers to a comprehensive system that is developed to help responders to form an intricate system that meets the demands of a single or multiple incidents (Carmicheal, 2010). The goal is to avoid confusion and increase efficiency in handling all the activities within the shortest time possible. The current scenario is characterized by a severe natural disaster that has hit the community of Edenton. Extensive damages are being reported from the multiple points in the city, which means the responders should form a team that can handle each point. The first step is to determine the level of damage. They include: • Ten people have been reported missing • Edenton Community Hospital is reporting damage and receiving the injured. • The downtown fire station has been destroyed. • Two fire stations can operate well. • A large fire reported downtown and water mains have been cut. • The injured account for 10% of the population • Utility lines are down • Zoo animals have escaped • Backed up sewers • Looters are destroying shops downtown • Major road affected and many houses destroyed • A hazardous spill has…show more content…
The team has been given priority because of the potentially hazardous effects of flowing sewage. The team operates under the guidance of the safety officer who the second in command. The safety officer also communicates with leaders of the security team. The hazard handling team has to move fast. The search team is expected to find people who are also willing to help in the hospital and construct shelters. The road is being repaired temporarily by security officers who have come down from the state. The whole team reports to the incident commander. The shelters will be constructed as the other rescue activities go on. It is advisable to get help from locals who are still

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