Hrm/531 Week 3 Summary

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In 2007, the Carmichaels started a business to help business owners with their online needs. It is a small company with 15 staff members. The business has web programmers, sales staff, social media consultants, designers, and a mobile design consultant. Roy worked in web page designs which allows him to assist the program and designers. Leslie started with taking care of the finances and the business needs. She later branched off and created a social media department since it has become a huge part of the society. The business has quickly expanded leading them to rent out an office space to accomomidate their growing staff. The company has been successful but lately they have some issues with their employees being frustrated with one another. The employees are frustrated because it seems that information involving the customer’s wishes is not being passed along to the different departments helping to create the customer’s products. In reading, it appears the staff has worked well together in the ast but lately they have problems communicating with each other. While the sales staff is doing a great job they are failing to talk to each other concerning the custmers wishs. The sales staff are passing the…show more content…
The sales staffs has already voiced their frustration because the customers informtion is not being passed along to the designers. If they don’t fix the problem it can lead to the programmers and designers having to redo the work they completed because it isnt what they want. The customer could wind up finding a new company because they did not do what they requested. The Carmichael’s could start to lose revenue due to losing customers or having to pass on jobs due to being behind because of the staff having to go back and correct. Lack of communication can easily ruin a
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