Hrm 531 Week 3 Team Selection Process

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The third team did not meet and start to work together until four or five weeks before the project’s due date. I am not sure if the selection process of this team was well planned. We (the facilitation team) had a discussion about let two or three individuals joining our team for the final project. We had no knowledge based trust about most of our classmates, so it was hard to decide whom should we select. Our only criterion was not having a social loafer in our new team and the only information we had about our classmates is their performance in the online discussion. Val and I had a knowledge based trust on Ashley; we contacted her to join us, but she did not respond until it was so late. I met Casey and worked with her in our first class, she seemed energetic and active communicator. Max on the other hand knew Haley personally and was excited to let her join our team. Consequently, we decided to combine our two facilitation teams.…show more content…
Max is a player; then, we joined three other athletes. During our brainstorm meeting, we realized that four out of six of us are too similar in terms of age, experience with OLS classes, and background. We faced challenges in generating various ideas from everyone, having a shared understanding of the project, and finding time for team meetings, since it was busy season for sport. Additionally, we had inadequate participations. I think that many of us had introverted personalities, which turned our team to some do the leadership functions and some just followed them. I personally do not consider myself as an active communicator or extroverted person, but I had to lead sometimes and do a lot of following up with others, as the situation required someone to do
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