Hrm 531 Week 4 Case Study

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Some concerns Ron my endure with new customers are: the customer will not want to buy his company’s products (Johnston & Marshall, 2009). The customer does not trust Mid-Town’s products (Johnston & Marshall, 2009). The customer may not like or trust Ron (Johnston & Marshall, 2009). Last, the customer thinks the prices are too high (Johnston & Marshall, 2009). Many customers are concerned about buying products from new vendors, moreover, they do not know the brand of the products and if they would hold up to expectations (Lurie, 2004). Customers worry that the products would not perform like they want the products to (Lurie, 2004). The customer may have confidence with trying new products with a money back guarantee. If Ron could provide a guarantee the customer would be more prompt to try Mid-Town products. The customer may be overwhelmed by all the products Mid-Town can supply (Chang & Chen, 2009). Customers may be concerned the products may not be customized for their company (Chang & Chen, 2009). Also, customers may worry Ron may give them too much information on products; they could get confused about the information on the products Ron is trying to sell the company (Chang & Chen, 2009). If a company could see the products such as pens, pencils, paper, and other office supplies they would be able to see the quality of the products and purchase them (Chang & Chen,…show more content…
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