Hrm/531 Week 4

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1. What problems did you encounter when handling the complaint? Whenever I received complaints, the problem is that the subordinates usually deny or come up with some explanations making it difficult to discuss it in a genuine manner. Sometimes even if we reprimand them for their mistakes it creates a very tense environment in the hospital and it also affects the quality of work. Also I need to find times to handle complaints patiently or else the situation gets angered and gets further complicated. 2. Are there differences in how you handle a patient, family member, or staff complaint? Yes, there is a major difference on how you handle complaints. Patients are our priority and when there is any complaint from their side, it should be handled and sorted…show more content…
Some of them that I have personally experienced are mainly when they are not happy with wages. They are not happy with what they are paid and some of them are underpaid for the amount of work they do. This leads to decreased motivation and interest in working and they look for opportunities to take a leave from the work and even pretend sick when they are not. They even look online for better opportunities where they can be paid more for the same work. Secondly, many of the employees in the hospitals have fixed job status for a very long time and when there is no scope for any growth, they get frustrated and it is seen in their performance and when they get any offer from other organization even for the same position with higher salary they tend to move out of the organization. Thirdly, I believe that flexibility is very important today with the employees, because if the working hours are not flexible, they tend to either do not prefer working here or when they get the opportunity they move out. So if wee summarize, in my experience I believe that wages, growth and flexibility are the main reasons that cause turnover in the

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