Hrm 531 Week 4 Job Analysis Paper

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Documentation (LO 4.1) To begin with it is a good practice of any HR professional to conduct a Job Analysis, which is a method to collect information about the content of the job that is being offered. The collection of information for this purpose can be done by various techniques such as interviewing current holder and line manger, observing individuals undertaking the role, 360 degree appraisals and review of current documents e.g. job descriptions, person specifications and competency frameworks. (Blended Learning Site, 2015) After a through analysis the following three documents are prepared: 1. Job Description: A job description defines what jobholders are required to do in terms of activities, duties or tasks. A job description is more concerned with tasks than outcomes, and with the duties to be…show more content…
Employee referral scheme: Strengths: • Employers’ pool of higher quality candidates increases • Can replace more expensive channels such as newspapers and agencies. • Useful in filling highly specialized positions Weaknesses: • Overreliance can lead to sentiments of discrimination among rejected candidates. • Can cause discontentment in an employee if the referral is not accepted 2. Recruitment agencies: These are external organizations, which the HR might look for help in hiring e.g. job centers, recruitment consultants, headhunters etc. Strengths: • Useful for filling in higher and more specialized positions • Useful when filling in a position quickly • Saves time for the organization of going through the hiring process Weaknesses: • High cost 3. Professional Networking/ Social media: It is a more direct method of assessing potential recruits through websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Strengths: • Ability to reach a wider audience quickly and effectively • Low cost • Ability to collate information for future decision

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