Hrm 531 Week 4 Written Assignment

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Leadership, as per my understanding, could mean leading others to rediscover themselves by providing guidance, not through what-to-do lists, so they would reach the necessary urge to reach a better state personally and professionally. During Dorsch employment, I have noticed great potentials in my colleague; I convinced him to switch jobs from a drafting person to a civil engineer, by presenting the textbooks and resources needed, guiding him along the transition phase and by presenting, through examples, how easily could be the learning process and transition. Along my career, I lead my colleagues to produce integrated solutions, by creating the urge to know the answers of different what-if scenarios for their solutions; I bring textbooks and tools to convince them; I present examples of what should be done, the benefits of efforts done and the consequences of careless isolated solutions. Not only one colleague now is persuading her dreams by studying post graduate in Netherlands, but also she got an award to be distinguished; this transformation done by the good influence I had on her by asking several questions about designs, showing the best way to do things through several guidance,
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