Hrm 531 Week 5 Job Interview Questions

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Your interview was flawless and you answered all of the questions quickly and thoughtfully. You felt like you meshed well with the hiring manager and employees. However, the job was given to someone else. What went wrong? Here are six reasons that you did not get the job. Too Prompt/Not Prompt Enough The time that you arrived at the interview is the first impression that the hiring manager will judge you on. Being late to an interview will have obvious negative effects on your chances of employment. What you may not realize is that being too early can have a negative impact on your chances as well. While the hiring manager may have left you sitting in the lobby, they may have felt rushed to finish what they were doing in order to tend to you 2. Dressing to impress…show more content…
Resume/Cover Letter Lacking Your resume helps the hiring manager determine whether you are qualified for the job.Misspellings and grammar issues may make your resume or cover letter appear to have been carelessly put together. A long resume may also have gone unread due to outdated and unimportant information. Take a look at our previous post, Four Tips For Writing An Effective Cover Letter, to get tips on writing a desirable cover letter. 4. You Did Not Ask Any Questions While you are being interviewed for a job, it is also expected that you interview the hiring manager. Asking questions allows you to stand out above the other candidates. Failing to do so may make your interview forgettable. 5. They Hired Within the Company Individuals seeking employment not only compete against other candidates, but they must also compete against employees already working within the organization. This is known as the “internal hire”, typically it is easier for the organization to hire current employees. These employees are low-risk since their work experiences are known and the hiring manager has an accurate impression of their capabilities, personality, and work ethic. 6. References Did Not Support

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