Hrm 531 Week 6 Journal Entry

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This journal entry will discuss a follow-up with the instructor about the issues from a previous assignment and clarify some questions about the final research proposal due in week six. In addition, some of the problems are the hypothesis and framework to finish the final paper. After talking to the instructor, she pointed out that the self-care deficit theory could help tie up some loose ends and finding resources that support that will help to put my final proposal together. Furthermore, the journal articles and other data collected discuss self-care and compassion fatigue and burn out and all the information that has been gathered should be enough to write the final research proposal. Journal 5.4 Initiate a Call: Research Proposal Feedback Feedback for my previous assignment showed what needed to be addressed in the final research proposal due in week six. In addition, because of so much information the direction of my paper was…show more content…
In addition, the biggest issue was trying to figure out what will work and what will not. Covering all this information in six weeks is a challenge, however, if each step is followed each week then it makes the process easier. If the steps are not followed, then the research proposal might not work because there is a process and for each step in the research process guidelines are put in place so that the correct decisions can be made for doing a research proposal. Furthermore, there are guidelines for data collection, data measurement, and levels of measurement to name a few examples. For my proposal the mixed method is being used and this does fit for the topic and the research might provide additional information when the research is
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