Hrm 531 Week 6 Material Safety Check

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Question 1. The first step I am going to take as the new safety manager of Dosit to bring them up to compliance with the Hazard Communication Standard would be to conduct an extensive chemical inventory check. The current chemical inventory list of 780 chemicals is over two years old and is outdated by a year. Periodic chemical inventory audits should be done at least once a year(David Fender,2012). Once the inventory audit is done then I will bring the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) up-to-date. The MSDS should include every chemical that is found on the property. This list will have every chemical that is on the property in it and I will make it available for employees to access at any given time. I will create paper copies of this list that will be placed around the facility and will also create an electronic copy that will be available as well. Once I have a handle on exactly what chemicals are on the property I can create a written HCS program that will explain exactly who is in charge or what position will be in charge of Labeling of products, keeping the MSDS list up-to-date, and who is in charge of training. Question 2a. Going on the tour of the chemical processing area with the production foreman and seeing pipes and tanks not properly labeled is a serious problem and needs to be rectified immediately. Having pipes…show more content…
I would explain to him that all containers and pipes must have a legible label on them written in English. The label will be cross-referenced with the Material Safety Data Sheet and will have a keyword on the label for the employees to easily recognize and find the chemical in the MSDS. I would also instruct him or her to evaluate the employee 's knowledge on what hazards the chemicals pose and for the employee to prove that he or she knows how to look up the chemical by looking at the label and finding the chemical in the MSDS(David
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