Hrm/531 Week 6 Paper

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The plan on the scheduled agenda made was to identify any major issues we wanted to touch base on during the week of training. As the beginning discussions were being made we had collaboratively identified that the 4 items listed below were to be discussed and added to the agenda for the week in training.
 Speeds- look at the current settings in the system, discuss what is the “ideal” speeds we should set the test environment to, review speed exceptions, street speed segments, and additional settings in the back ground to set up testing scenarios.
 OBT Settings/Tables- review the current OBT time tables, settings, understand how to utilize the tables (defining the math used to calculate distance vs. time) in bookings.
 Switches- review multiple settings in the system that may need to be turned on or off. This was more related for the back end in the system to book trips properly and scheduling efficiency.
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After identifying the major issues we moved into Query 101 learning how to understand columns, booking tables, schedule tables, client tables, and booking leg tables. We did basic query writing utilizing Trapeze Report Wizard. Keith was able to train us basic report writing and understand the formulas that are created in order to pull a query. We were also able to utilize the canned queries and can modify as

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