Hrm 531 Week 6 Resource Management Plan

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Week 6 – Resource Management Plan
To the WBS that was developed earlier, I had made resource assignments by selecting the right resources in the Gantt chart entry form. This I did by selecting from a drop down in under the resources column, and by selecting more than one resource using a comma to separate them. Post this I printed out the resource sheet, by first viewing the resource sheet. This allowed me to identify resources that are over allocated as they were red in color. Next I printed the Gantt chart and entry table by first selecting the Gantt chart and then selecting the entry table from the more tables’ option. The cost of resources and cost of resources by work package I found out by selecting resource usage option from the view menu. The total cost of all the resources by totaling up the individual costs of the resources is $55,600. In my opinion this is a reasonable cost given the overall budget of $100,000. But it has to be ensured that the equipment, inventory and rest of the materials that need to be procured should be done with the remaining amount of $44,400.
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This I could find by going through the resource sheet and finding tasks where the hours allocated appeared in red. I first tried to manually level resources by first finding resources that needed lesser time, because two resources were fully allocated to tasks that only needed partial allocation. Post this manual leveling, I tried looking for activities that had slack in them and tried to postpone these activities so that the resources could then transfer task by making use of the slack available. Due to this, some of the over allocations got resolved but still the project manager and staff member remained unresolved as still remained over

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