Hrm 531 Week 8 Capstone Simulation

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If we had been able to play one or even two additional rounds; our strategy would have been to increase the automation of our products to lower their costs and increase our contribution margin. This would have put us on a more comparable path of the computer teams. To stay on track with our previous decision, we would have introduced additional products either in the high-end markets to continue our strategized shift. The trick would have been repositioning the products as they moved to different segments. After the initial practice round, we understood that in order for our team to be effective we needed to look deeper into our situation and have a complete understanding of the market, the dynamic nature of corporate strategy and its short and long-term effects before we made any decisions. While we split the various sections up between group members, all of our decisions were made as a collective group; because we were aware that a bad decision in one segment could have severe implication for another. Over the course of each round, we were very conscience of how the consumer’s taste and preferences were changing within the market. With the knowledge and understanding how crucial this was we made it a priority to adjust our numbers that provided us…show more content…
First, prior to the start of the simulations, it is important that every team member reads the Team Member Guide at least once, preferably twice. The Guide includes all of the rules of the Capstone game such as sensor market description, industry conditions, segments that are available to target by teams and much more information. Moreover, the guide describes in details how to manage all four departments (Research & Development, Marketing, Production, and Finance). We recommend paying close attention to repositioning products depending on a chosen strategy in order to offer products that customers

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