Hrm 531 Week 9 Final Paper

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1. Have began the process of updating the forms for Psychiatric Evaluations as well as the forms to document follow-ups visits (Medication Management). The purpose is to improve the flow of information, simplify its use, assure the appropriate content, and facilitate arriving to the appropriate billing codes. 2. Met with all extended providers, as well as doctors to continue to ensure consistency in the delivery of quality care and the utilization of best practices, Participation in the MACRA/MIPS on a weekly basis 3. Participation in the Texas Council training for tobacco use. Regular meetings with division leaders as well as program directors , creating direct communications in the coordination of clinical needs with operational factors. 1. Regular meetings have been established with Safety Managers as well as with the Chief Medical Officer of Medical and Addiction Services to obtain monthly meeting…show more content…
CMO continues to meet weekly and as needed with division leaders to identify issues and factors that need to be addressed in order to ensure the appropriate operational approaches that should impact clinician as well as client satisfaction and therefore better outcomes. 1. Ongoing in-services for our prescriber staff in the use of our Electronic Health Records (EHR) continue to translate into improvement of the required content in order to justify appropriate billing codings to enhance our collection rates. Chief Medical Officer has personally being reviewing a random number of cases per provider and meeting with them individually to provide feedback and improve their performance. This should also impact obtaining the documentation needed for appropriate coding and improved collections. 2. The medication override mechanism has continued to provide the desired results in decreasing medication cost. Encouraging the use of PAP and delivery of medication samples had continued to be utilized more consistently, allowing for a significant decrease in medicine

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