Hrm 531 Week 9 Final Project

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dent orders. The information will be delivered to TV screens located in the kitchen for chefs to prepare meals from. The solution will interact with nurses and intern staff as tablets will be used to place resident meal orders. Kitchen staff will interact with order confirmation screens but the head chief will have the ability to change or update meal possibilities. Possible managers may interact with software as well in case possible changes are required. The business units that will be involved with the solution are the accounting department who handle the financial aspects of the project, possible IT department who manage the technology solution and most importantly the managers of Berlasco Court who handle daily operation. Redesigning the following business processes will provide benefits this can be …show more content…

The team project has decided to concentrate on two, which are: Interviews and requirements workshop. Techniques The techniques prepared to elicit information from key stakeholders that participate in the elicitation process are based on specific business needs, roles and responsibilities of staff and residents. Technique 1- Interviews The interview will take place as a group in the boarding room, where pre-defined set of questions, depending on what stakeholder, will be asked and documented. The interview will be in “Structured Interview” form where the interviewer is looking for as accurate answers as possible. The successful interview depends on several factors including, but not limited to: ● Level of understanding of the domain by the interviewer. ● Experience of the interviewer in conducting the interviewers. ● Skill if the interviewer in documenting the discussions. ● Readiness of interviewee to provide the relevant information. ● Degree of clarity in interviewer’s mind about what the business requires of the target system. ● Report of the interviewer with the

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