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Assignment#1 Why HRM is important for any organization? Like Operations, Accounts, Marketing Sales department, Human Resource is also one of the vital departments of any organization. It is a multifaceted and necessary part of any organization. It is responsible for different workplace needs, like recruiting, hiring, payroll, professional development and trainings, performance evaluation, employee retention, disciplinary action, and ethics. HR is like resource multiplier for any organization. The prime function of an HR should focus on the greatest resource of all that any organization has – its employees. Without good employees, the best business plans and ideas fails, and without good HR, employees fails to give it best. There are many reasons…show more content…
HR is defender for employee’s rights too.HR Professionals are to make sure that all employees are treated equitably. Employees don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad bosses. Good managers are essential for an effective organization but mostly they have to learn how to be effective, HR’s role is to assist and advice management, how to manage employees and deal with difficult situations. Similarly its HR role with non-management staff to deliver and convince them about new policies of organization. Another way HR is important that it can assist with Hiring Process, which means “Right Person for Right Job”, which means reduced turnover and increased retention. By hiring right you can focus on business growth rather spend time on employee issues. Employees also benefit when the hiring gets right because that means they have less co-worker issues. They don’t have to take on extra work in case of poor performers. They don’t have to train the new person every now and then. They can stay focused on their job and professional…show more content…
It is not like Sales, Operations, maintenance, Marketing or accounts/finance which brings in money/ business for the company. Most organizations usually have Hard HRM approach (recruiting, hiring, payroll and keeping records of employees) than soft HRM (integration, teamwork, coordination), this is the reason, HR professional’s involvement is not welcomed and often not needed at the time of meetings. If HR gets the opportunity to share the seat in meetings, their duty is to note the minutes of meetings and circulate it to the attendees of meeting at the end. On the other hand, most HR professionals itself are also unable to demonstrate how they support the bottom line (profitability) of the organization and get pressurized from employees and managers, and used to follow the instructions from other influential departments. That’s when the other departments recognize the value of HR. It requires a lot of amount of work on HR's part to build its credibility. It is mostly seen that they have to work really hard in order to show their visibility in the company. By working 'hard' do not mean working late nights to do their jobs, which is usually taken by HR professionals and lose their prime focus, but it mean creating good relations with employees and establish good processes, systems in the company, which employees find beneficial. Also, since it is a people's function, they have to put effort so that employees trust

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