Hrm In Human Resource Management In The 21st Century

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HRM in 21st Century: Challenges of Future M.KEERTHANA S.KEERTHANA T.MOHANA PRIYA II B.B.A.K.C.S.KASI NADAR COLLEGE OF ARTS&SCIENCE, CHENNAI-21 Abstract Globalisation has changed the way business houses used to work in the traditional market place. With advancement in technology, the role and functions of HR manager has totally changed. It has become important for the HR department to redefine its strategies and act as a strategic partner by aligning all the HR functions with the mission, vision and strategies of the organization. This paper discusses the changes in the role of HRM after the globalisation. And with this change I mean, change in the methods of production, the process of recruitment, the training techniques, and new equipment…show more content…
The HR managers are required to find out right people for the right job and get the job done from them. Other than this the human resource management is also responsible for the motivation, development and training of the employees and retaining efficient employees for a longer period of time. HR management has to make sure that both the personnel and the company are complying with regulations [6]. The human resources can be managed by using either hard or soft approach. The hard approach involves developing strategies for managing and controlling human beings. Under the soft approach the manager focuses on improvement of communication between employer and employee, motivating the personnel, and developing their leadership skills. It is important on the part of the HR manager to ensure that their human capital is well-trained and…show more content…
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