Hrm In Nestle Case Study

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The Role of HRM on the Achieving Nestle Objectives
Job Recruiting Process The first important challenge for HRM specialists is recruiting process. It starts with the job analysis in order to hire an appropriate talented and skilled candidate for a certain job. It corresponds to one of the strategies of the company which is hiring an appropriate person for an appropriate position which suits to his knowledge, skills, and experience. The HR managers organize recruitment campaign advertising vacancies through the internet on the official websites of the company or they organize a recruitment day in the leading universities in different countries where Nestle company operates. They set an exam to select best candidates and after that conduct an interview. Training and Development HRM specialists also responsible for a training procedure and the development of employees’ productivity. It is organized to strengthen employees’ skills and quality of work in order to increase the speed of the work and the efficiency. The training helps managers to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses, to motivate and encourage them to work hard and adapt to the company’s atmosphere. Training also develops relationship of employees between each other and promote tie connection and teamwork.
Multitasking ability is also one of the essential strategic goals of Nestle training. This skill basically is developed in training where managers and department specialists train employees to do

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