Hrm Practices In Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is the basis of all management activity. (Torrington, Hall, & Taylor, 2008) The basis of management is always the same; meaning that people are needed in an organization in order to make things happen in a productive way and thus for the business to prosper and for people to thrive. Additionally, it is important for an organization to keep a balance between people’s aspirations and simultaneously business financial outcomes. (Torrington, Hall, & Taylor, 2008) Thus, in order to understand how this balance can remain stable, in this paper the focus will be on the HRM practices, two theoretical models that contribute to the effectiveness of HRM practices, the implementations of HRM practices by leaders and how employees…show more content…
However, the HR practices go along with the line manager whose role in delivering practices “has a positive relation with HRM practices and two affective human resource reactions: organizational commitment and job satisfaction” (Savaneviciene & Stankeviciute, 2012) and also encourages employees to have a positive attitude and behavior in general (Marescaux, De Winne, & Sels, n.d.) Despite the plethora of factors which are affected by the implementation of HRM practices from leaders, in this paper, the main focus will be on just three factors. That is, employees’ attitude, performance and…show more content…
Also, it will provide us with employees’ opinions about the function of the aforementioned actors. Lastly, the use of the Social Exchange Theory and AMO model will help to indicate valid answers to the research question.
Theoretical Framework
Various researches about the impact of Human Resource Management system on employees’ behavior and attitudes have been done in the past. As a starting point, according to the structure of the paper, the HRM system will be mentioned first by answering the following sub-question of the research:
What is HRM and which is its

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