Hrothgar And Beowulf Comparison

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There are numerous alterations in the movie and the poem Beowulf. For one, Hrothgar was not the father of Grendel. There are never any indication of either Hrothgar or Beowulf being passionately involved or lured to become the fathers of Grendel or the dragon which seem to be the greatest threats in the poem. Also, Grendel’s mother is never defined as covered in gold. She and her son live in an unpleasant place, and they are both decedents of Cain, the first killer on earth. This is an Anglo-Saxon piece of literature, so it’s domineering that you comprehend that faithfulness and bravery are huge principles of the culture which are expected to be kept. Killing someone is evil enough, but to murder a member of your family (his brother) is considered one of the worst sins you could commit. This is one motive given for all the unhappiness that Grendel and his mother suffer. Their ancestor Cain murdered his brother Abel. On behalf of this crime, all the family is penalized. Beowulf also does not stay in Hrothgar and goes to marry his queen. Once Beowulf has satisfied his obligation to Hrothgar by murdering both Grendel and Grendel’s mom, Beowulf returns home where he survives to an old age and becomes king. He fights the dragon here instead of the castle. The heroic text is printed from a Christian viewpoint. The importance of Christianity is…show more content…
He could not wage combat upon himself, so instead he waged war upon God’s supporters. In the film, Grendel can’t stand the sound of music and singing, which imitates from the barriers of Herot. In the movie, Beowulf perishes slaying the dragon. While this is factual in the transcript, the dragon’s connection to him is dissimilar. In the movie, the dragon is Beowulf’s descendant, who was born out of his affair with Grendel’s mom. Given the dragon represents his disappointment, Beowulf senses that he must finish the life of his child, the

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