Hrothgar's Relationship In Beowulf

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In Beowulf, the epic poem when Beowulf leaves Hrothgar, the man who he has risked his life for twice, to return to his home all are hit with this all too familiar feeling of sadness and th e feelings of kinship shine through. Beowulf becomes extremely familiar with two leaders, Hrothgar, king of the Danes and his blood-related uncle, Hygelac, king of the Geats. However, these two relationships are very different, Beowulf’s relationship with Hygelac is extremely ironic, considering how their relation seems to be one of pure comitatus, a business only relationship, between a lord and his thane, this irony shines through because Beowulf’s affiliation with Hrothgar shows an extreme amount of kinship, even more than Beowulf’s relationship with his own uncle.
Hrothgar’s kinship is displayed in both a physical and emotional way. He shows these paternal instincts because of how much Beowulf means to him, saving his people not only once, but twice, also, during Hrothgar’s long reign as king of the Danes he has realized that you cannot be hostile or hold out on your emotions towards those who help you to survive during tough times. During Beowulf’s grand exit from Heorot, Hrothgar gives him a long and loving embrace; “And such was his affection that he could not help being overcome; his fondness for the man was so deep-founded, it warmed his heart and
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His relationship with Hrothgar displays a more familial relationship, one of extreme kinship, through the way they speak to each other, act towards each other, and feel towards each other. Beowulf’s relationship with Hygelac is very different, it is ironically one of pure respect and formality, displaying comitatus, and the code between a lord and his warrior, even though they are blood-related. Through these two relationships we see different sides of Beowulf and how people of the same rank can have different rank within Beowulf’s heart and
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