Hsbc Corporate Culture Case Study

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The paper aims to how HSBC Viet Nam enhances its corporate culture. HSBC is one of the largest financial service and banking all over the world with many branches in Europe, Asia, America, Middle East, and Africa. HSBC confirms their brand through a message “The World’s Local Bank “. Building an effective corporate culture is an integral part in the success of HSBC over many years in Viet Nam

Corporate culture makes the difference between the enterprise and is considered as the own traditional of every business. Corporate culture is an integral requirement of developing branding image for corporate culture because it will help
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The bank executives concretize into standards, simultaneously with education, training and encouraging everyone does seriously and stricty, self- discipline. Corporate culture is a basic element to guanrantee for sustainable development of the bank, associate memberss in implementing the goals of the whole system. Although corporate culture can not replace other resources of bank as captital, technology, human,…, it can creat environment và ways to promote the highest resource efficiency. Make good corporate culture, not only images of HSBC will be better but also opportunities for each staffs, employees, workers improve by themselves.
When businesses build the strong culture, the more affirmed the value, which is the value of each business. That also means employees are proud of HSBC’s your business. They are always proud of being a member of HSBC Group and regarded as family company. That is not only a “money” but also spiritual value when they go to work in HSBC. Therefore, the only way is building corporate culture and environment how employees feel this is their family. So that they are aware of their responsibility to job and do enthusiastically, passionately, and bring more efficiency to
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• Tet Gift: at Tet 2011, HSBC donated more than 140 milk crates, 140 presents given to Binh Minh Charity House, Children’s Hospital 1 in Ho Chi Minh city.
• International Children Day: 2010, HSBC combined with Ho Chi Minh city University of Foreign Languages - Information Technology ( Huflit ) to organize International Children Day for unlucky children.
• Blood Donation: HSBC employees took part in the Blood Donation Day which was organized by The Sài Gòn Times Groups and Viet Nam Red Cross Society


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