Hsc300 Unit 2

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1. You work as a medical researcher and have recently completed a study that shows the benefits to children of taking a daily vitamin. You want to communicate the results to two different audiences: The parents of patients at the hospital where you did the study, and the doctors there. Give an example of one way your communication to the doctors would be different from your communication to the parents. • Parents of Patients. Daily vitamins for your children have great benefits. • Doctors. In a recent study about children and vitamins, positive benefits were shown for those children who received them daily. 2. You work as a consultant for banks and investment firms, helping them with their advertising efforts. One of your clients has asked…show more content…
Below are the details of the items discussed: • New format for competitor assessment info sheet. Everyone agrees to pattern incoming competitor assessment info sheets from the ones recently submitted by the other three. • Competitor decks push back. The team is worried for next week since there is a lot of projects needed to be submitted. I checked on the tracker and saw that we five have more or less 253 hours’ worth of deliverables (~51 hours each) in total for the week ending Feb 5th. Taking out those competitor decks from the pipeline results to ~39 hours for each of us five. I would like to check with you if you are agreeable to us sending those decks the week after next or within the same week they are originally due if we are able to finish all other deliverables early. I highlighted those rows in gray for easy reference. • R Day bios (due Feb 1). To even out workloads, we created separate rows for R Day bios. • Improvement in value packs. The team brainstormed on how we can further improve the content of our value packs. In progress. Thank you 
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