Hsc300 Unit 3 Assignment

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Babies R Us is a Toys R Us Inc company that “is the world’s leading dedicated toy and baby products retailer, offering a differentiated shopping experience through its family of brands” (Babies“R”Us, 2015). The company tries to advertise themselves as an easy research solution for parents. The site attempts to answer parents’ questions of what items they will need for their new babies. Babies R Us separates the necessary items for a parents new baby into several categories, including, getting dressed, on the go, feeding baby, caring for baby, sleepy time and time to play. The website lists eight items as necessary to prepare for that new baby. The first category of getting dressed suggest having several layers of different clothing. This seems to be acceptable since babies often have to be…show more content…
It appears to be more appropriate to suggest several clothes in all different sizes, but this site fails to mention that. The next category is on the go and it describes everything the parent will need for when they will have to travel with their baby. This category is easily very profitable. Every item has direct links to expensive high end cars seat and strollers. Instead of just suggesting one car seat or stroller, they believe you should have two of both. Also they think that one diaper bag is not enough. I think this section is a very profitable category, so the store abuses the line of what you need and what you may want for their necessary items. The feeding baby and caring for baby categories both have the longest lists of what a new parent will need. These categories can also suggest too much depending on how a parent plans to feed their child. If the mother breast feeds, she will need for products like a breast pump, but if they do not breast feed a pump would be useless to the new parents. Also, some parents may not want to go through all the

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